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Thank YOU for your fantastic resource. I've been an emacs user for 28 years, and I've learned countless things from your tutorials.

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• 500+ HTML pages of emacs tutorial and emacs lisp tutorial.

• Includes the complete GNU Emacs and Emacs Lisp manual (≈1700 HTML pages), newly formatted in HTML and cross-linked from my tutorial for easy reference.

• mouse-over to any command or function name to read its inline doc.

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Why Should You Buy Xah's Emacs Tutorial?

Of all emacs books out there, online or in print, i do not believe there's anything that comes in close, in breath or in depth. Counting, all the emacs books O'Reilly published. (but excluding emacs lisp reference manual) (yes, i know them, and have read them all. Some long ago in 1999.)

Not because Xah Emacs Tutorial is that great, but because, there is actually not much out there.

Of book-length emacs tutorials, there are just maybe 5 of them. Most are written in 1990s, and none of them cover much emacs lisp. Possibly except one:

Buy that book, and or buy my book. Thanks.

Not sure? See:

I can read it online. Why should i pay?

You can buy this book as a way of saying “thank you”.

Paying me actually get me to write more articles and improve quality.

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