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Emacs: xah-dired.el

xah-dired-2jpg now takes universal-argument for quality.

jwz, still sticking to emacs 22

i noticed, old people don't learn. most of them anyway. here's jwz, still sticking to emacs 22. https://www.jwz.org/blog/2018/08/now-you-have-two-problems-el/

emacs xah-fly-keys tip: SPC m runs dired-jump

Also, never do M-x dired nor by key. Work based on file only. Leave open a file of of a dir you want. Then, on any file buffer, jump to its dir. e.g. in bookmark, mark file only.

Emacs: Xah Fly Keys

Xah HTML Mode update

Emacs: Xah HTML Mode

① xah-html-remove-html-tags now move cursor to next tag after call. ② xah-html-wrap-html-tag now insert class="…" directly without prompt. ③ when video or audio link is linkified, attribute “loop” is added.

JavaScript npm trojan horse, but what about emacs MELPA?


btw, the same thing is happening in emacs MELPA. thousands of packages, nobody really checks the code. The general problem is, nobody want to pay (e.g. a professionally monitored repo), and most people are lazy.

emacs MELPA code is looked when submitted, by https://twitter.com/sanityinc and other devs (i think https://twitter.com/milkypostman (the creator) and https://twitter.com/magit_emacs ) but not when updated. it'd be full time job to security check on all update.

for me, i ALWAYS check before i use a emacs package. 10 min would do. you can check the author reputation to establish a trust. or, scan the elisp code. Most popular packages on MELPA, their authors are usually well known in emacs community.

Rich Hickey ( clojure creator ) rant on open source


basically, it's a conflict of interest between project owner and code contributors.

you have to also look at the context and the other side

[ https://twitter.com/cemerick/status/1067111260611850240 accessed: 2018-11-27]



I think Rich Hickey is right. Basically, the open source ideology becomes a monster. Originally, it's that someone very nice, put time and energy to create software, free, with source code available. And, someone else saw it, also very nice, spent time and energy to contribute. Normally, both the owner, and the contributor, should be regarded with highest esteem. And, the relationship of owner and contributor is a friendship. You two work together only when both person like each other. It has no governance, all pure human endeavor and good will.

However, the ideology of open source and FSF turned into a monster. It became, some kinda public service machinery that churn out software, with “code of conduct” fak, that somehow the creator owe you something when you have a problem. And that somehow taking your time to give freely as contributor is also a right and a duty and a way to benefit urself or something.

This is exactly what big corp like you to think. Software from Google, Apple, Facebook, npm, etc. They, are proprietary+evil to the hilt, yet use open source as badge of sainthood, and have code of conduct that somehow says it's your human right to give your time and energy to them, meanwhile that pseudo legal verbiage works to axe you when they see fit.

can emacs plugins be sold does anyone sell plugins


most posts in this thread is misinformation.

see in depth survey:

[Why Utopian Communities Fail By Ewan Morrison. At https://areomagazine.com/2018/03/08/why-utopian-communities-fail/ ]

If you really believe in open source, or FSF, do not work for any proprietary software company (no excuse whatsoever) , do not use Apple products. rms is a great example of this.

PS am grateful for the donation i've got. I keep opinion as is. Cowering doesn't work, and actually make things worse. Those who donate to me already knew this. Thank you.

M-x doctor

has any written a Eliza using Google TensorFlow?

How much you type per Day?

on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/9znxm9/how_much_you_type_per_day/

xah emacs keylog 2018-11-23 29479
xah emacs keylog 2018-11-23

This means, i type about 13k keys per day. Assuming 50 wpm, typing everyday, then i type continuously for 60 minutes per day.

See How Many Keystrokes Programers Type a Day?

See also: Emacs Command Frequency Statistics

emacs xah-fly-keys tip: 【space , ,】 → delete-frame (close window) in dvorak it's 【space w w】

emacs does any use imenu? can u describe use case? afaik, M-x imenu, then type a function name, it jumps to it. Isn't it faster to M-x occur defun and clearer with overview?

addressing your first comment, the problem with control+tab is that you have to hold it, and have to eye ball. In other words, depending on how severe or how much you actually type, holding control is a big no no. And, eyeballing things is a cycle drain on your brain.

i'm speaking in the context of extreme efficiency and RSI suffering. For example, if you log your keystrokes, your daily average is actually equal or greater to professional typist continuous typing for 1 hour. (For most people, it's much less than that.) And or, if you are not young. And or, if you already have hand pain.

holding any modifier, or holding mouse button (e.g in drag), is 1 of the first thing any Repetitive Strain Injury sufferers should avoid.

In another context, in speed typing (as in competition) (or speed emacs operation competition), holding modifier is also a no no.

Ban Key Chords

new version of my emacs+elisp tutorial is out.

Buy it at Buy Xah Emacs Tutorial

Make a commitment, to master emacs and emacs lisp. updated will be sent out to previous buyers over the week.

emacs for the blind

see https://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/EmacSpeak and https://github.com/tvraman/emacspeak his name is T. V. RAMAN (see his github) his package emacspeak has been well known since at least early 2000s i think.

line hardwrap ~70 chars, from punchcards

open source lies and story of emacs history

The open source lies, year after year. And rms's lies. They never get corrected.

[Letter to Chris DiBona and Tim O'Reilly ~ By Richard P Gabriel. At https://www.dreamsongs.com/DiBona-OReillyLetter.html ]

Richard P. Gabriel is lisp expert and founder of Lucid ~1988, xemacs, boss of jwz

he wrote a book Patterns of Software in 1996, and i wrote a review. see Book Review: Patterns of Software

See also:

Famous Programers on How Common Lisp Sucks

ideal 60% keyboard lol

and among diy, planck is the worst in the universe. i can't possibly imagine someone actually created that, and even, it seems to have some elite status. like in programing, perhaps it's, WORSE IS BETTER™.


Planck Keyboard

xah-fly-keys tip. in isearch, C-y to paste

updated Emacs: Xah Fly Keys

my emacs videos

my emacs video experience is pretty disappointing so far. 1 or 2 hundred views per vid, after a few months. Other usually have few k or tens of k views. 1 problem, is my subjects r not common basic tutorial, or, showing specific feature.

for example, 1 such focused topic i did, is my emacs abbrev demo, which has 600 views.

This is quite annoying. 1 fix, is to do focused common topic. E.g. Emacs intro. Dired basics. Shell/eshell basics. Efficient ways to open files. Some of these are boring to do. Another fix, is to do regularly, a lot, like 3 per week, like a talk show, n chatty. This am more inclined.

Emacs: Remove Accent Marks

major update. now works on vietnamese text.

golang find script 2018-11-11 07f6d
golang find script 2018-11-11 07f6d

now xah-find.el can correctly handle output from find or find/replace script written in golang. The image is output of golang, then emacs M-x xah-find-output mode. Next step is to integrate it into xah-find.el . So, you have speed of golang for grep/sed but nice UI of emacs.

San Francisco Bay Area Mechanical Keyboard Meetup 2018-11-10 notes

buy this. Solid Steel 2″ Hand exercise balls amazon good for Repetitive Strain Injury. Don't buy those that chimes, n don't buy those with inlaid metal decorations. 2 inches diam is good size for male. May be awkward at 1st, but after a while, smaller r annoying

for detail and other hand toys, see How to Avoid Emacs Pinky

Donald Knuth, Steve Jobs, and How Typography Sucks

Font Size problem (typography rant)

Best Tool for Yak Shaving: Emacs

Elisp: Find Replace String in Buffer (minor update. repost)

working on JavaScript mode abbrev

emacs js mode abbrev 2018-11-01 2b6e2
emacs js mode abbrev 2018-11-01 2b6e2

Emacs: Xah JavaScript Mode, xah-js-mode.el

Emacs Color Theme, and what writing will are popular?

Emacs: Set Color Theme

one of the most popular page on my emacs site for the past 5 years is color theme. rather very disappointing

in general, writing for web is, the most none technical page, becomes most popular, by a magnitude, than say emacs lisp tutorial, javascript in depth, or math group theory etc.

melpa popularity contest

xah melpa packages 2018-11-01 2e4d6
xah melpa packages 2018-11-01

melpa popularity contest

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