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Emacs: Regex Tutorial

I noticed, possibly majority of programers, don't know regex, or don't know much.

I updated the tutorial to include a explanation and step-by-step guide.

The Emacs Confessional Booth Post Your Sins Here

reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/6jsc4w/the_emacs_confessional_booth_post_your_sins_here/

i don't use org-mode much. I started using it in 2011, which is already late. But in general i find myself just using plain text, or raw html. Writing html raw can be quite something if you have the right guide! :D

Sacha has been instrumental in influencing me to use org. (in general just great and has helped me financially.)

my sin is i disagree and am disagreeable to most emacs hacker type's edicts.

• I think lisp macro is a harmful coding lore. (those who disagree must look into symbolic pattern matching, e.g. Wolfram Language)

• I think closure is lame, because it's function with side-effects.

• i think idioms, in particular formatting idioms such as tucking in parens, damages progress in automated formatting, which Wolfram Language and XML had since 1998, golang since 2008. paredit and similar, such as smartparens, enforces the idea of manual formatting.

• emacs's key shortcuts, is the single most cause of Repetitive Strain Injury among all software in history. These days people advocate evil sans batting an eye, but as late as 2009, you get flamed to death for recommending anything non-default. (thanks to, ergoemacs-mode and myself, that popularized alt keybinding.)

• some lisper, such as the previous emacs leader Stefan Monnier, advocate dolist instead of map. I think that's harmful because it focuses on micro optimization and not general computer science principles such as requirement for auto parallelism.

but am grateful to many in emacs community.


xah teachs on video, which you like to see

am going to start doing videos. which you like to see first?

  1. emacs for beginner
  2. elisp for beginner
  3. xah fly keys
  4. kinesis advantage2 keyboard review
emacs video tutorial vote 2017 06 26
emacs video tutorial vote 2017 06 26

vote at

Emacs: Move Cursor to Punctuation (added back a new command)

Level of User Interface Design: Muscle Memory, Eye, Brain

Emacs: avy ace-jump vs isearch

reddit discussion https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/6jhidr/evil_users_what_do_you_think_of_avy_and_vice_versa/djfhm2j/

Emacs: Find Replace Text in Directory (complete rewrite for emacs 25)

emacs goto previous command in eshell

in eshell, to go to previous command, type something, then press key.

For example, i type “git c”, press up arrow, and i got “git commit -m"stuff"”, which is the command i called last time.

Emacs: Outline, org-mode (updated.)

Overview of Text-Processing in Emacs Lisp (major rewrite)

Elisp: Get universal-argument (major update. New sample code for complex case, simpler.)

Emacs: Show kill-ring (new command)

emacs lisp delete wikipedia links 2017 06 19
emacs lisp on the whim! delete all Wikipedia links.

Emacs: Interactive Abbrev (command complete rewrite)

Emacs: Show Formfeed ^L as Line (now, a command to do so)

Elisp: Text Properties (new)

how to chose keys to bind in emacs

my take https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/6gxjnw/tips_for_custom_bindings_and_also_considering/diuac26/

here's the post:

lots headaches will be avoided if you chose a key space that no emacs or packages will ever touch.

hyper and super are such. (e.g., make the Windows key send Hyper, or Command or Option key.)

[see Emacs: How to Bind Super Hyper Keys]

but even better, is use key sequences. It's easier to press, faster (if the leader is thumb or capslock), and less hand injury risk.

Make F8 as leader to begin. (not on laptops as F keys are not easy to press there) So, all your commands are F8 a, F8 b, F8 c, etc, or F8 d a, F8 d b, etc.

If you are using a traditional Microsoft keyboard, can make the menu key as leader.

Best is to make capslock as leader, or an alt close to thumb.

You can find my tutorials of how to on these.

More radical is to replace ALL emacs key combos by leader key sequence. For that, try xah-fly-keys.

[see Emacs: Xah Fly Keys]

emacs replacing all search-forward-regexp by re-search-forward, using xah-find.el

xah find replace text 2017 06 10
emacs replacing all search-forward-regexp by re-search-forward, using xah-find.el [see Emacs: Find Replace in Pure Elisp, xah-find.el]

Elisp: Multi-Pair String Replacement with Report (updated code. Now support repeat-complex-command properly)

Elisp: Overlay Highlighting (updated)

Emacs: Bind Menu/App Key (minor update)

very much appreciate all who bought my tutorials, and supporters. Thank you!

Emacs: Batch Rename Files

minor update. Also, all other pages related to shell are reviewed/updated. See the “shell topic” navigation links at bottom of the page.

Why Run Shell in Emacs (minor update)

Elisp: Functions on Line (updated)

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