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starting a dedicated keyboard blog. See

Xah keyboard Blog

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mouse use in emacs, reddit


the following pages are updated.

Emacs: Mouse Config (updated)

Emacs: Add Key to Info mode

Emacs: View Info Page. New, on its own page.

Mouse Buying Guide

Kite, a New Era in Coding

check out, a new editor tool.

Kite - Your programming copilot

It signifies a new era in coding, where, instead manually searching stackoverflow etc to help code, the tool auto displays docs and code examples etc as you type. It's like name completion to the next level.

I helped develop the emacs plugin. 😸

Check out the site at https://kite.com/

Elisp: Walk Directory

Emacs: What is Hook (on its own page)

see also Emacs: Change Major Mode Keys

see also Emacs: Avoid Lambda in Hook

List of Emacs Lisp Variables

List of Emacs Hooks

the supremum of keybinding

recently had to work on a Mac laptop. So, that forced many improvements to xah fly keys. Now, it works on laptop out of the box. Emacs: Xah Fly Keys

you should use xah-fly-keys or ergoemacs-mode http://ergoemacs.github.io/ Matt's been working on ergoemacs-mode all this time. If you have a issue, post on github, he responds and fixes usually within a day.

There are many other emacs packages of alt keybinding. If efficiency is the judge, none comes close to xah-fly-keys. Actually, unless there's a system of steno based keybinding, there's none as efficient as xah-fly-keys in human history.

Arrow Keys Efficiency: vim HJKL vs Inverted-T IJKL (major new discovery. vi is worse!)

Keyboard Layout, Is Inverted Number Row Better? (updated, with graph)

Emacs: Jump to Previous Position

now there's show random link button at Practical Emacs and Practical Emacs Lisp. Enjoy.

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