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Ask Emacs Tuesday.

My elisp tutorial has been mentioned on Hacker News. http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4309527

Thank you “jackhammer2022” for posting it, and all supporters, on twitter, g+, email, and all those who have donated or bought my tutorial!

There's also some negative comments on Hacker News. If you like them answered, let me know! (comment, or post to g+, twitter, fb.)

New page and update: Elisp: Get User Input.

Emacs as Your Own IDE

wanted to share this with everyone.

with emacs, you pretty much develop your own IDE, especially if you do elisp. After a few years in your coding career, you'll have a IDE of your own that's far better than any.

the downside is that you have to learn elisp. But gradually, like a couple hours a week. You'll do that anyway if you love coding. Without emacs, programers usually accumulate a bunch of shell scripts over the years, or in python, perl, scsh. But with elisp, it's integrated in the editor!

Ask Emacs Tuesday.

Make Emacs Always Start a New Shell

In GNU Emacs, to start a second shell interface, Alt+x shell by first typing 【Ctrl+u】.

Ellen Taylor provided the following code, which makes shell command always start a new shell.

;; by Ellen Taylor, 2012-07-20
(defadvice shell (around always-new-shell)
  "Always start a new shell."
  (let ((buffer (generate-new-buffer-name "*shell*"))) ad-do-it))

(ad-activate 'shell)

See also: Emacs: Run Shell in Emacs.

updated: Emacs: Edit Column Text, Rectangle Commands

Emacs: Using Registers (Multiple Clipboards)

Updated: Emacs: Save Split Windows Configuration

Curiosity: Perl File Extension in Emacs Config

A curiosity question.

emacs's “auto-mode-alist” has this value:

("\\.\\([pP]\\([Llm]\\|erl\\|od\\)\\|al\\)\\'" . perl-mode)

the regex there seems a bit wild. If i didn't get it wrong, then its like this

. ([pP] ( [Llm] | erl | od ) | al )

so it covers:


plus SOME case variations. For example: {.pL , .PL}.

what's the “.al” for?

is it necessary to include the “.pod”? because the perl-mode doesn't do any coloring with “.pod” files, nor cperl-mode. If there's a mode handing “.pod” file am guessing it won't be perl-mode.

also, is the “.perl” there necessary? Is that a accepted perl file suffix? (Just checked it's not in any file bundled with perl v5.10.1.)

would it be better if it's just

("\\.\\(p\\([lm]\\)\\)\\'" . perl-mode)


John Bokma answers: the “.al” is used for http://perldoc.perl.org/AutoLoader.html.

Elisp: Getting Current Buffer Path

In your elisp program, you may call (buffer-file-name) to get the full path of the file, but sometimes the current buffer isn't associated with a file, so your program will fail.

Here's a idiom: (or (buffer-file-name) default-directory). This way, if the buffer isn't a file, it'll return the directory path of the buffer. (when a buffer is created, its “default-directory” is typically the same as previous buffer. In the case of temp buffers created by emacs such as {*info*, *scratch*, *Bookmark List*, …}, it's usually home dir.)

I just searched all my elisp files for this oversight.

Elisp: Ways to Exit/Break a Loop

List of Keyboards with Mechanical Switch

Emacs: Ways to Jump to Points

when coding, there's a common need to jump to a particular place, then return to previous position.

There are several ways. Most common standard methods are:

I've tried all ways in past years, including custom elisp that push/pop marks. But i found split windows to be the best.

Split window, then go to where you wanna be, when done, unsplit. Give split/unsplit a easy key. [see Emacs: How to Define Keys] For example, in ErgoEmacs, it's:

On a different note, here's a nice tip when using mouse (thx to Ken Goldman):

Elisp: Adding Your Package to MELPA

Emacs 24's package system is hot. It spreads a few hundred packages to every emacs user. (In GNU emacs, 41 packages (not counting built-in ones). With MELPA, 307 packages.) Before this, it takes years of emacs experience to know what packages are out there that are actually usable.

So, if you have written a package, putting it into a package repository would greatly increase your user base. I haven't done it yet myself, but here's a summary from Jon-Michael Deldin.

MELPA is pretty easy (https://github.com/milkypostman/melpa#contributing-new-packages) after you do it once.

  1. Fork the MELPA repository on GitHub
  2. Create a new file in the “recipes” directory with the right format. It's really easy — just take a look at an example recipe (https://github.com/milkypostman/melpa/blob/master/recipes/ir-black-theme).
  3. Test it with the ./buildpkg script and do M-x package-install-file
  4. On GitHub, visit your fork and click the Pull Request button

That's pretty much it. Marmalade is a little easier (just upload a tar or .el), but you have to upload a new version for each release.

slight update: Emacs: Bookmark Tutorial

Lisp Syntax Readable?

See bottom: Concepts and Confusions of Prefix, Infix, Postfix and Lisp Notations.

Emacs Key Macro and Elisp Exercise: Reformat XML

2012-07-02, Mihamina Rakotomandimby posted a interesting problem (Source groups.google.com):

I got a big one line XML file. I want to break the lines to make it more readable.

Replacing "><" with "C-j" then indenting is the most obvious solution, but would you know a more elegant solution?

This is a good exercise for writing a emacs keyboard macro. Record a key macro, save it, assign it a key. So, just press one key, and the file is indented and well-formatted.

to indent, just select all then call indent-regionCtrl+Alt+\】.

For key macro tutorial, see: Emacs: Keyboard Macro.

or, if you are a emacs expert but never done any elisp, this is a great exercise. Write a command that does this. It's about 5 lines of elisp. [see Emacs Lisp Examples]

Emacs Defect. GNU Emacs 24.1.1: global-set-key to Insert French Quotation Mark. Archived at Emacs Misc Bugs

updated: Emacs: How to Install Packages Using ELPA, MELPA

Updated: Elisp: Command to Extract URL

Copy/Paste in Linux X11 and Emacs 24

See: Emacs 24.1 New Features (released 2012-06)

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