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Emacs: Xah JavaScript Mode

added coloring and abbrev/template for padEnd padStart trimEnd trimStart, abs cos sin pi, getElementsByName.

vscode vs atom vs emacs

looks like vscode is now a winner, twice as popular than Atom, even though both are written in JavaScript on Electron.

editor war 2018 jyxt4
editor war 2018 [source https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2018/#technology]

and now, controversy. https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/bp72wt/i_might_switch_to_vscode/ (note, it's not written by me)

xah talk show 2019-05-10 mouse, spin wheel, linux, closure, perl, lisp.

xah-fly-keys thanks 2019-05-10 f9b4z
xah-fly-keys thanks 2019-05-10 [from https://twitter.com/initega/status/1126882169174089728]

see the full thread for the question.

here's my answer

i hear you. The problem is, it's actually practically impossible to change basic emacs keybindings. This is why, even evil mode, you have lots exceptions. One can hack to enforce 1 keybinding in all major/minor modes, but that adds too much complexity.

what i do and recommend, is just to do case-by-case basis and on your own init. e.g. when a key doesn't work, find out the exact major/minor mode causing it, then add custome override. again, no receipe on exactly how that's done.

xah talk show 2019-05-03 unix philosophy, truncate line, clojure, concurrency, AI, consciousness

Emacs: Move Image File code update. now uses ido.

emacs long line problem

goto https://www.ecma-international.org/ecma-262/ , save the file. Open in emacs. #emacs freezes for 30 min. you'll be unable to work with that file. To work on the file, you need to spend 1 hour to finally be able to break long lines.

then there's eli zaretskii, on reddit, insisting emacs don't have long line problem.

Emacs: Xah HTML Mode

added support for csharp code in xah-html-get-precode-make-new-file. also, no abort if no major mode found.

xah talk show 2019-04-17, vimgolf in emacs with xah-fly-keys, Dvorak layout, kinesis keyboard

xah talk show 2019-04-17, vimgolf in emacs with xah-fly-keys, Dvorak layout, kinesis keyboard

for more, see Xah Talk Show

Xah Talk Show 2019-04-10 software engineering voodoo. Agile. Why Software Sucks. Hackernews. Ban Xah

Xah Talk Show 2019-04-10 software engineering voodoo. Agile. Why Software Sucks. Hackernews. Ban Xah

won't be posting about my YouTube video here much. Instead, go here Xah Talk Show

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for #lisp, #emacs #orgmode fans for blogging.

“Coleslaw is Flexible Lisp Blogware similar to Frog, Jekyll, or Hakyll.” https://github.com/kingcons/coleslaw

Why ox-hugo? https://ox-hugo.scripter.co/doc/why-ox-hugo/

add a page xah-remove-wikipedia-link

Elisp: HTML Link to Dead Link (code update, and on its own page.)

Elisp: URL to HTML Link (code update)

xah thanks nic 2019-03-29 v25xv
xah thanks nic 2019-03-29 v25xv

GNU Emacs Removes Color Emoji Support on the Mac

90 minutes of raving goodies. Thanks a lot guys for coming.

Xah Talk Show 2019-03-23. Emacs, Emacs Lisp Demo, Language Design, Why Python Sucks, Guido's Problems.

a tutorial on font setup in emacs. https://idiocy.org/emacs-fonts-and-fontsets.html by Alan Third https://github.com/alanthird

thanks for linking to my site. Emacs: Font Setup That reminds me i need to look into the function set-fontset-font.

i learned from Alan's blog about:



todo https://www.reddit.com/r/xahflykeys/comments/b1vfql/potential_improvements_to_xahoflineorblock/

todo. xah-fly-keys github pull request and issues

xah talk show 2019-03-15, emacs lisp sitemap, python syntax, lang design, type theory, haskell
xah talk show, 2019-03-12, programing tutorials, doc by dummies, RSS, steno machine, etc

Emacs: Dired Customization (minor update)

xah talk show 2019-03-09 why emacs lisp sucks

xah talk show 2019-03-09 at 4:00 pm, San Francisco time. goto youtube, search xahlee, sub+alert. Random topic. Come to ask questions, any.

ok, the main topic is going to be how emacs lisp sucks. this https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/ayr5o5/elisp_sucks/ei31bgc

xah talk show, 2019-03-09, why emacs lisp sucks. one big rambling rant

on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/azc1u2/xah_talk_show_20190308_why_emacs_lisp_sucks_one/

elisp dir walk problem.

  1. Richard Stallman: What's magit?
  2. Richard Stallman Emacs as Word Processor
  3. Richard Stallman Pushing for GPL3, Kicked Out Free Software from Free Software Platform
  4. Richard Stallman, Emacs Tyrant
  5. Lisp Programer Daniel Weinreb Died (1959 to 2012)
  6. Daniel Weinreb Rebuttal to Richard Stallman's Story of LISP History
  7. Free Software Foundation, How Much Donation They Get?

[Why Utopian Communities Fail By Ewan Morrison. At https://areomagazine.com/2018/03/08/why-utopian-communities-fail/ ]

Emacs: Insert Alphabets A to Z

removed xah-insert-column-counter, use emacs 24 rectangle-number-lines. Replaced xah-insert-alphabets-az by xah-insert-column-az.

Emacs: Latin to Rune (ᚱᚢᚾᛖ)


question about indenting in xah-html-mode

Emacs: Xah HTML Mode

thank you very much! actually, the answer is, just never indent html. :D but actually i should do something about it. one thing is simply goto xah-html-mode.el file, change this line to

define-derived-mode xah-html-mode fundamental-mode


define-derived-mode xah-html-mode mhtml-mode

there are some minor things i need to do.

xah talk show, 2019-02-28. on lisp machine keyboard, razer keyboard, lisp history, unix philosophy

this is a wild ride. On razer keyboard, optical switch, lisp machines, lisp, richard stallman, esr, ewd, Guy Steele, larry wall, Guido, Paul graham, Anders Hejlsberg, UNIX Philosophy, worse is better. #emacs #perl #python

Xah Lee Live Stream. emacs lisp for beginner

Xah Lee Live Stream. emacs lisp for beginner

xah live stream. emacs. most efficient way to open file.

emacs. most efficient way to open file.

Xah Live Stream on Efficiency and Keyboard

Most efficient way workflow, best keyboard, and how to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury

Most efficient system for operating a computer, linux, Mac, or Windows, emacs, vim. Best keyboard, and how to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury.


Xah Live Show. 2019-02-24

Xah Live Show. topics covered: xah short bio, introspection, ambition, emacs packages, melpa, why dash is popular, emacs community problems, intro to emacs people, Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson

all updated.

new is Emacs Isearch Whitespace Regex

xah thanks and comment on my site

xah thanks 2019-02-21 9yd4x
xah thanks 2019-02-21 9yd4x
xah thanks 2019-02-21 zqbhy
xah thanks 2019-02-21 zqbhy

thanks. i collect these so i can put them together in one place when i get a chance.

the comment system on my site, was using disqus, but they force lurid ads, unless you pay. So i removed them. my site has been without comment for a few months now. Actually, i think it's good to have. So, i'll probably put them back and pay $10 a month or so.

todo write elisp to cap sentences in html p tag, and li tag.

2019-02-22 xah-change-bracket-pairs code modified. update website

xah-cycle-hyphen-underscore-space code modified. update website

Xah Talk Show. 2019-02-22. Programing Languages, Lisp, Homoiconicity, Haskell, Syntax, Semantics, Formal Language

starting live stream in 50 min. that is, San Francisco time 6 am. come in and say hi. or ask me emacs questions. i'll try to post url then. follow with alert at https://www.youtube.com/user/polyglut it'll show when am live

itching to do a video stream. gosh i really need to get vid going daily. like this if you like to see more. So many topics i can talk non stop. emacs, programing, hacker cult, to other thing such as chinese, linguistics, philosophy...

and always be yourself, because, being yourself, gives you the most power, most performance.

Xah Talk Show. 2019-02-22. Programing Languages, Lisp, Homoiconicity, Haskell, Syntax, Semantics, Formal Language.

articles at On Lisp

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Emacs: Xah Fly Keys

on github.

now supports azerty layout and azerty-be.

major restructure of the internal key maps for layout conversion. No user visible change. but if you have extensive customization using internal symbols, then you might need to change your customization code.

Much thanks to https://github.com/elecprog

Richard Stallman on Open Source

i found the Richard Stallman clip where he got angry about saying he's father of open source, here Richard Stallman on Open Source first video at 2:40

other articles about rms

the doom mode line now support xah-fly-keys. yay.


a test streaming became a colorful xah talk show

xah talk show 2019-02-10 p6c54
xah talk show 2019-02-10

i was doing test streaming on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmDa1xGTSek surprisingly, 9 people came to watch it, and i end up talking for 1 hour, about fsf, rms, opensource, linux vs Mac vs windows, etc. thanks guys.

start at 26:29, i talk about my first lang, hp-28s calc, solving 8-queens problem, stacks, Forth lang, Mathematica lang, haskell, lisp, scientific vs industrial programing/languages https://youtu.be/bmDa1xGTSek?t=1589

start at 38:10, i talk about linux vs Mac vs Windows, which is best, computing history https://youtu.be/bmDa1xGTSek?t=2295

start at 53:10, i talk about rms, fsf, open source, Google https://youtu.be/bmDa1xGTSek?t=3197

Emacs: Move Image File (code update. now if png, the optipng runs in background.)

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