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xtodo updated xah-convert-latin-to-rune

lots of emacs live coding in past week. see XahTV 📺

Elisp: Syntax Table minor update.

xtodo read elisp manual about minibuffer. can it be killed.
xtodo work on

find in emacs doc and read char-fold-to-regexp char-fold-include search-default-mode isearch-toggle-char-fold isearch-toggle-case-fold isearch-toggle-lax-whitespace dabbrev-completion char-fold-symmetric #Dynamic-Abbrevs

xtodo updated xah-open-in-terminal xah-open-in-external-app

more massive updates. Revamping my tutorial. you buy it!

site UI change. move xah commands to elisp example.

Those xah commands with a rocket emoji, on the main emacs tutorial navigation panel is move to the elisp examples navigation panel.

xah emacs commands nav panel 2021-07-20
xah emacs commands nav panel 2021-07-20

so that, the main emacs tutorial index Practical Emacs Tutorial is just teaching you plain gnu emacs.

and if you want the xah commands, get them at Emacs Lisp Examples

update 2021-07-19.

updated, big and small.

XahEmacs https://github.com/xahlee/xahemacs

Emacs: Mouse Config
major update.

xtodo mod xah-get-fullpath at Elisp: Get Script Name at Run Time, Call by Relative Path, maybe to a new page.


GNU Pepe

Emacs: Select Line, between Quotes, Extend Selection
minor code update

Emacs: xah-lookup.el, Lookup the Web
code update.

xtodo review


new index page Elisp Misc Technical Essays

Emacs lisp coding style: let forms

Emacs: Move Image File minor code update.

Elisp: Add Period to Line Ends code update. Now don't add to end of html tag.

Emacs: Show kill-ring
Fixed a bug about image in kill-ring stopping it. Thanks to Christian Tietze (aka DivineDominion)

Elisp: Function Naming, String Equal

Emacs: Xah Fly Keys update:

Xah Fly Keys Major Mode Key Problem

minor updates.

Massive update.

Emacs Keybinding List

Emacs: Key Notation <return> vs RET
minor update.

emacs keybinding saga. xah fly keys. deep in keys.

emacs keybinding saga xah fly keys 2021-06-27
emacs keybinding saga xah fly keys 2021-06-27

Elisp: Create a Hook

major update.

XahTV 2021-06-25 Emacs vs Vscode, on Documentation, Java, WolframLang, PowerShell, Golang, Python

Doom Emacs
Emacs vs vsCode Memory

Emacs: Xah Fly Keys
now there is a dedicated navigation panel on the left.

xah fly keys leader keymaping 2021-06-24
xah fly keys leader keymaping 2021-06-24

by the way, important to know is this Emacs vs vim, Compute Keybinding Efficiency

Emacs: Xah Fly Keys
• added bepo layout, by brabalan. • added 3 more keys to neo2 layout. by sieman. thanks guys.

New finding. Just tested running a find string program on 10330 html files. It seems, once they are run once (file content loaded to memory), emacs lisp and golang script takes about the same time. 3 seconds.

minor update

XahTV 2021-06-21 emacs lisp coding. HTML Lines/Blocks to List

Emacs: HTML, Lines/Blocks to List new code.

Emacs: Select Current HTML Element

XahTV 2021-06-17 Emacs Workflow HTML Rename Source File Path, User Interface Peepshow Windows

Emacs: HTML Rename Source File Path

Emacs: HTML, Delete Tags
code update

Emacs: xah-dired.el added • xah-dired-open-in-msPaint • xah-dired-open-in-krita

XahTV 2021-06-05 Emacs Workflow, PowerShell, Mouse Spin Wheel, Apple M1 Chip

xtodo work in progress

Major rework on my html tutorials. Instead of teaching emacs default, i decided to write tutorial for Emacs: Xah HTML Mode instead. Also add a nav box at each page related to working with html.

Elisp: Embed Youtube Vid

Emacs: Move Image File
updated code.

Went thru one of my old pages. 10 years ago. Tens of other emacs user's home page or forums, are dead. A mark of time

Elisp: Problems of thing-at-point
new problem discovered.

XahTV 2021-05-31 Emacs Workflow HTML Delete Tags, Alt Tab No Good, No emacs calc, Futurism

Emacs: HTML, Delete Tags

XahTV 2021-05-29 Curly Quotes, Unicode, Emacs, and the Crime of RMS

ergoemacs distro, 10 years ago

google code ergoemacs 20210525165408
google code ergoemacs 20210525165408

Emacs: Xah Fly Keys new supported layouts.

simplified code.

XahTV 2021-05-17 Emacs Lisp Live Coding. Convert MM:SS to Seconds and Reverse

Emacs: Xah Fly Keys
added explanation about showing all leader key sequences.

xah file taxes 2021-05-17
xah file taxes 2021-05-17

Elisp: URL to HTML Link
collected all html link related tutorial into navigation box at bottom

minor updates.

Elisp: Add Period to Line Ends
fixed ! and ? at line ends.

Updated all formatting of emacs functions. Instead of using a list with arrow →, now uses Definition List. [see HTML: Definition List dl dt dd] .

list vs definition list 2021-05-13
list vs definition list

old articles. minor update.

Elisp: Parse Org Mode
updated format.

Elisp: Get User Input
added a read-number

Emacs in Microsoft Windows FAQ
added a video.

Updated code. Removed the target="_blank"


Emacs: Font Setup
added setting up font for symbols and other langs.

XahTV 2021-04-24 Lisp and Wolfram Language Syntax Isomorphism and Design

XahTV 20210418 emacs lisp. Fuzzy matching. Explore ido and helm source code.

emacs M-x invisible gribojedow 2021-04-16
emacs M-x invisible gribojedow 2021-04-16

XahTV 2021-04-14 emacs lisp Live Coding + Tutorial. Add Period to Line Ends

Elisp: Add Period to Line Ends

formatting updates.

XahTV 2021-04-09 beginner emacs lisp tutorial. xah-html-copy-change-relative-link

Command name change.

Emacs: Undo/Redo Saga
massive update.

Emacs: Xah Math Input Mode


Thanks to https://github.com/arthurgleckler

Emacs: Xah Fly Keys Customization added how to customize M-x

Elisp: Automatic Code Formatting

Emacs, Why Not Use Dash repost

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