Ask Emacs Tuesday

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Note: I now run a Ask Emacs Tuesday. See you there.

In the past i've been getting emails about emacs questions, perhaps once a month. My email are often piled up for years that ultimately i just abandoned any hope of answering.

If you want to say thanks or get personal touch, email is still good. But if mostly you want to ask a emacs question, better is to post to one of the following.

When it's public, it'll be seen by lots others. I can reshare the question too.

The shorter the question, the better. Don't elaborate, because then i'll think about a proper answer and that almost always ends up no response (yeah, am a big procrastinator). Better several one-sentence exchange than one well-composed letter of many paragraphs. (but be long enough so i understand the problem.)

If on social network, tag your question with #ErgoEmacs or #xah_lee. If i don't know the answer, i can share it for more readers.

Many of you really appreciated my work, and supported me in various ways, and wrote to tell me so. I still appreciate those emails. I like to apologize that often i lost track and may not remember you. Especially bad if you have donated or bought my tutorial. When in contact, a reminder where/how we interacted before would be greatly appreciated. (i get emails from around the world often due to my website, from comp sci student to math professor to carpenter to housewife to people from Africa. Without a brief intro or reminder, i have absolutely no idea who you are. I might assume you to be 15 years old or 60 years old, yes really. (and spammers that escaped spam filter with weird letters add to the confusion.))

If you have a question, put $5 at patreon and message me on xah discord.
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