Xah's Emacs Tutorial: About The Author

By Xah Lee. Date:

I (Xah Lee) have been using emacs daily since 1998. I started to learn elisp seriously in 2005.

My first job in programing is 1995 at Wolfram Research, programing Mathematica. I worked as a full-time unix sys admin and web application developer during 1998 – 2002, using Solaris, MySQL, Oracle, Apache, JServ (Java Tomcat servlet precedent), and using Perl and Java to write inhouse application servers.

I started to use a computer in 1990, using the QWERTY keyboard. In ~1992 i worked for over a year as a secretary with typing duties, including taking dictation from sales people or managers. I switched to the Dvorak layout in about 1993.

For credentials, please see: Printed references to XahLee.org, XahLee.org Site Awards and Recognition.

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